UAR Evaporator ( Bình bay hơi)

Model: UCHxxxA/B/C/D, USHxxxA/B/C/D
Painted colour: Black, Moss green, Cyan
Application: Chiller, Air conditioning, Cold storage, …
Xuất xứ: Không áp dụng
In stock: Yes
Price: Liên hệ

UAR Shell and Tube Evaporator Features:
1) Internal enhanced thread, ensures high heat transfer efficiency;
2) Coolong capacity from 2.5RT to 1,000RT;
3) All self-made components, strict quality and cost control, inspected by our own lab and authorized third party before delivery;
4) 1 to 8 refrigerating circuits available, or as per special designing;
5) CE PED and ASME certificate are optional;
6) Stanless Steel Evaporator, Titanium evaporator, flooded evaporator, spray type evaporator are available;
7) OEM business is welcomed.